Ultroser G
Posted by admin On Mon 05 Jun, 2017

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. can supply Ultroser G Serum Substitute. Ultroser Gis manufactured by BioSepra in France. Importation of Ultroser G requires a USDA Importation Permit. Crescent Chemical is happy to help you apply for this permit.

Ultroser G is a serum substitute which can replace fetal calf serum in cell culture. The main advantage of Ultroser is semi-defined composition ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility, low protein content and ease of use and storage. Ultroser has a concentration 5x that of fetal calf serum. Ultroser G has been used for the culture of many anchorage-based cells in basic research and diagnostic applications.

Cells successfully tested include: Glial cells, rat and human myocytes, Amniotic cells, Vero, CHO, BHK, Bone marrow cells, Fibroblasts, skin cells, HeLa, MRC-5, Thyroïd cells, Chondrocytes, Arterial cells, Leydig cells, Lewis cells, Promyelocytes HL60, Raji, P3HR1, Astrocytes, Erythroblasts, Hypothalamic cells and Keratinocytes. It is particularly useful in prenatal diagnosis for the culture of amniotic cells for karyotyping.

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