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Welcome to Crescent Chemical

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. is a national distributor of laboratory and research chemicals and is a certified small woman owned business that can help fulfill your supplier diversity requirements.

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. has been serving the scientific community for over 70 years.

The products and companies we feature are:

KARL FISCHER Reagents and Titrators - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. can supply all three major brands of Karl Fischer Reagents: Hydranal, Aquastar and Watermark. In fact, Crescent Chemical was the first to introduce Hydranal to the United States in the early 1980's. Crescent Chemical can offer you extensive technical service and application advice to make sure you are using the best reagents for your application.

COLLAGENASE, NEUTRAL PROTEASE, CLOSTRIPAIN - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is the distributor of Nordmark Collagenase, Neutral Protease and Clostripain in the Americas. Nordmark Collagenase enzymes are available in cGMP, Animal-free and research grades for clinical or research tissue dissociation and cell isolation applications. Nordmark enzymes are known for their consistency, stability and excellent cell isolation performance.

ULTROSER G - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is the U.S. agent for Ultroser G Serum Substitute. Ultroser G requires a USDA Importation Permit. Crescent Chemical is happy to help you apply for this permit.

SERVA – Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is the US distributor for Serva Electrophoresis GmbH, a leading manufacturer of specialty reagents for SDS, Native PAGE electrophoresis and Isoelectric Focusing. Serva is also a certified ISO 9001 supplier of biochemicals. All Serva products are subject to stringent quality control to meet the specifications stated in the Certificate of Analysis provided with each product.

ANALYTICAL REFERENCE STANDARDS - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is a producer and distributor of Environmental and Analytical Reference Standards. Our own standards laboratory, Crescent Labs, with custom standard capability, produces ultra high purity environmental standards and solutions. Crescent Chemical also distributes the largest supply of ultra high purity pesticide and pollutant standards, both neat and in solution with complete certification including a Certificate of Analysis and chromatogram.

DR. EHRENSTOFER & LGC Standards- Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is a full line distributor for LGC Standards including their new lines of Drug and Metabolite Reference Materials, Pharmaceutical Impurity and Primary  Reference Standards.

SOLVENTS - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. supplies a comprehensive line of competitively priced high purity solvents and acids to meet the needs of analytical chemists including Honeywell, Burdick & Jackson, Fluka, Omnisolv and Pharmaco.

HONEYWELL - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. supplies Honeywell Fluka, Burdick & Jackson, High Purity Solvents and Trace Metal Grade Acids.

MilliporeSigma Distributor - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is a full line distributor of Sigma Aldrich. Sigma Aldrich manufactures and supplies chemical and biochemical products and kits for use in scientific research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as components in high technology manufacturing. Sigma Aldrich products are used in all branches of life science research, chemistry and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

GFS CHEMICALS Distributor - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is a full line distributor of GFS Chemicals. GFS is an ISO 9002 certified producer of over 4000 chemicals in three core technologies: Organic Specialty Intermediates, Inorganic Chemicals and Catalysts and Analytical Reagents and Solutions.

CHEMPUR Distributor - Crescent Chemical Company, Inc. is the US distributor for Chempur, a major supplier of inorganic and organic metallic products, unusual organic natural products, ultra high purity metals, alloys, precious metal catalysts and platinum salts.