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Hydranal® Discover The Perfect Formula

Honeywell Hydranal® Discover The Perfect Formula

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Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. supplies Nordmark Collagenase NB obtained from Clostridium histolyticum.
Collagenases obtained from Clostridium histolyticum are enzymes that break the peptide bond in collagen. Clostridium histolyticum secretes Collagenase Class I and II, Neutral Protease and Clostripain.
These four enzymes work together to dissociate the extracellular matrix for cell isolation from tissue for clinical and research applications.
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New Nordmark Collagenase NB 7D Gentle Grade

  • Catalog    #17474.01    500 mg
  • Catalog    #17474.02    1 gm
  • Catalog    #17474.03    5 gm
  • Class I and II Collagenase and reduced trypsin like activities
  • PZ activity    ≥ 0.2 U/mg Lyphosilate
  • Trypsin like activity (BAEE) ≤ 0.2 U/mg Lyphosilate
  • Ratio Collagenase Trypsin ≥ 3.0
  • Used for a variety of applications where gentle conditions are beneficial.
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Nordmark Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade (The World's First Animal-free Collagenase)

  • Cat. No. 17457.01
  • ≥ 2,000 U(PZ)
  • Completely Animal-free
  • Chromatographically highly purified
  • Class l and ll collagenases
  • Very low levels of endotoxins
  • PZ activity (Wünsch) ≥ 3.00 U/mg
  • Isolation of especially sensitive cells including pancreatic islets, liver and dental pulp cells

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Nordmark Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade (The World's First Animal-free Neutral Protease)

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. supplies Neutral Protease from Clostridium histolyticum.
Neutral Protease from Clostridium histolyticum is a proteolytic enzyme that can cleave peptide bonds in proteins. Due to these properties, it is suitable for the isolation of a broad range of cell types by tissue dissociation.

Nordmark Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade (The World's First)

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. supplies Nordmark Clostripain NB.
Clostripain (also known as Clostridiopeptidase B or Endoproteinase Arg-C) is a proteinase that cleaves peptide bonds on the carboxyl side of arginine. This protein is a heterodimer composed of a heavy and a light chain that are held together via strong noncovalent forces. As a proteolytic enzyme it can be used for isolation of various cell types by tissue dissociation.
Clostripain exists in two different forms, an oxidized, native condition and a reduced activated form that differ in enzymatic activity. The native clostripain can be activated with reducing agents (e.g. DTT, Cysteine) resulting in a higher activity of the enzyme.

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Clostripain, the Missing Link in the Enzyme Blend for Efficient Human Islet Isolation
2017 - IPITA Islet Isolation
Synergistic Effect of Neutral Protease and Clostripain on Rat Pancreatic Islet Isolation

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. is the US distributor for SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH, a leading manufacturer of specialty reagents for SDS, Native PAGE electrophoresis and Isoelectric Focusing. SERVA is also a certified ISO 9001 supplier of biochemical products. All Serva products are subject to stringent quality control to meet the specifications stated in the Certificate of Analysis provided with each product.

Ultroser G™ Serum Substitute #67042

Ultroser G Serum Substitute Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. can supply Ultroser G Serum Substitute. Ultroser G is manufactured in France. Importation of Ultroser G requires a USDA Importation Permit. Crescent Chemical is happy to help you apply for this permit.


Ultroser™ G serum substitute can successfully replace FCS (fetal calf serum) in cell culture medium. It is designed for the in vitro culture of anchorage-dependent cells. It is specially tested as the primary culture from amniotic liquid cells and is designed to confirm their ability for karyotyping.

Ultroser G serum substitute is CE mark-certified.

Features and Benefits
  • Semi-defined composition ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Low protein content
  • Easy use and storage

Ultroser G serum substitute has a concentration five times higher than fetal calf serum (2 % of reconstituted Ultroser G serum substitute is equivalent to 10% fetal calf serum in the basal medium).

Quality Control Tests
Tests usually performed on Ultroser G serum substitute are:

  • Physicochemical parameters
  • pH
  • Protein concentration
  • Sterility control
  • Bacteria & Fungi
  • Bovine viruses (BHV1-DVB/MM, hemadsorbents)
  • Mycoplasma
  • Proliferation capacity on Hep G2
  • Karyotyping


Cells successfully tested with Ultroser™ G serum substitute:

  • Glial cells
  • rat and human myocytes
  • Amniotic cells
  • Vero
  • CHO
  • BHK
  • Bone marrow cells
  • Fibroblasts
  • skin cells
  • HeLa
  • MRC-5
  • Thyroïd cells
  • Chondrocytes
  • Arterial cells
  • Leydig cells
  • Lewis cells
  • Promyelocytes HL60
  • Raji
  • P3HR1
  • Astrocytes
  • Erythroblasts
  • Hypothalamic cells
  • Keratinocytes
It is particularly useful in prenatal diagnosis for the culture of amniotic cells for karyotyping.

Ultroser G serum substitute is available as a lyophilized powder. The product is shipped at ambient temperature and must be stored at 2-8 degrees C.